Mayor's Welcome

Town of Franklin Mayor C. Jack Horton

In many ways Franklin is a town of contrasts. Walk down Main Street and it is like you have stepped back into the 1950s. Wander around outside the downtown area and you find clusters of high tech businesses and services. Head outside the town limits and within minutes you are hiking in the Nantahala National Forest with all its natural beauty. Within minutes you can be driving south and see some of the highest and most unusual waterfalls in the United States.

But even more important are our residents. I don't like to say we are laid back, but we certainly know how to relax. We know how to make people feel down home. We don't hesitate to share the fun. Throughout the year you will find us hosting festivals, music of all genres, races, bird watching, fishing and an abundance of opinions. Franklin is a town that embraces diversity and a cordial welcome is always out.

I could go on all day talking about our town. But, all you have to do to experience it is to show up in person.

May your visit be pleasurable. Anything we can do to make it more so would be our pleasure.

Best wishes,
Mayor Jack Horton