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Opening A BusinessThe Steps to Take

Before opening a business in Franklin there is a few steps everyone needs to check before they buy that property or sign that lease. First you need to check with the Town Planner on zoning and make sure your business is an allowed use for your location. Second apply for a business registration with the Tax Collector. Third check about Water and Sewer connections in business or property owner name (check here). Fourth check with Town Planner about sign permit for business. Also if you are opening a restaurant check about grease traps and ABC licenses with Town staff.

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Business REgistrationWho Needs to Register?

Per North Carolina State Law, as of July 1, 2015, the Town of Franklin Business Privilege Licenses is no longer required (see HB 1050). Instead, the Town of Franklin has a local Business License Ordinance (download ordinance) which requires a Business to register with the Town of Franklin.

All businesses inside the Town of Franklin must register and pay an annual $10.00 registration fee.Once registered renewal notices will be sent out in July of each year. Per ordinance, the registration fee is not prorated and is non-refundable.



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Forms & InformationDownloads in PDF Format

For assistance or questions regarding Property Taxes, please call the Town of Franklin at 828-524-2516 ext. 307.

» Business Registration Form / Application for Permit

Q. I want to open a new business in the Town of Franklin, what do I need to do?
A. Contact the Town Planner, Justin Setser, to determine zoning compliance for the type of business that you will be conducting and the address or location of where you want to conduct business. Once you know that you are in compliance you will complete the business registration applicationand submit the annual registration fee.

Q. I want to open a restaurant in the Town of Franklin, what do I need to do?
A. Contact the Town Planner, Justin Setser, to determine zoning compliance for the type of business that you will be conducting and the address or location of where you want to conduct business. Then contact Bill Deal 828-524-4492 or 828-524-2516 ext. 347), to discuss Grease Trap Policy. (Suggest link to grease trap policy) No business registration will be issued until all departments’ sign off that compliance is being met.

Q. I want to serve or sell alcohol, what is required?
A. If your new business will serve or sell alcohol, you must obtain a local ABC License from the Town of Franklin after obtaining license from the State of North Carolina ABC Commission, visit the ABC Commission of North Carolina website for NC ABC Applications, Forms, and information. Contact phone number for the ABC Commission (919) 779-0700.

If you plan to start a new business, please call 828-524-2516 ext. 311 to speak with the Town Planner, Justin Setser to confirm your location is in zoning compliance to sell alcohol. You may also email Justin at

Q. I have met zoning compliance to sell alcohol; I have started the application process, what other requirements are there from the Town of Franklin in the application process?
A. The Town of Franklin will need you to bring the entire completed ABC application package to the Town of Franklin business office located at 95 E. Main St. Franklin, NC 28734 in order to review and approve the Local Government Opinion form and the Inspection/Zoning compliance form. Presenting the package for local approval is one of the last steps of the local process and the entire package must be complete. Decisions are made as timely as possible. Please keep in mind that it takes time for the background check from the police department to be completed and the package forwarded to the Town Planner and the Town Manager.

Q. How do I apply for a local business license registration? » LEARN MORE
A. You may apply in person at the Town of Franklin business office located at 95 E. Main Street, Franklin, NC 28734, or click on (add a link to application for permits), complete the application and submit in person at 95 E. Main St. Franklin, NC 28734 or by mail to :
Town of Franklin
Attention: Business Registration
P.O. Box 1479
Franklin, NC 28744

Q. What is the cost of a local business registration?
A. There is an annual $10.00 registration fee. Once a business is registered, you will be automatically billed annually, starting July 1 of the following year. Registration fee must be paid by September 1 each year. You must contact the Town of Franklin if you close your business or move locations.

Each licensee shall, before a business license may be issued by the town, pay an administrative fee to be set by the Town Manager, but not to exceed Ten Dollars ($10.00). No business license fee shall be refunded, in part or in whole, in any case where the licensee discontinues the business before the end of the period for which the license was issued.

Q. What if I decide to move the location of my business?
A. You must first contact the Town Planner to discuss the new location of your business to determine zoning compliance and to discuss sign ordinances. Once it is determined that the location is in compliance, you must then complete a new business registration and pay the $10.00 registration fee.

A business license issued pursuant to this chapter is only valid for the business conducted at that place and by the licensee named therein. Every person doing business in more than one factory, mill, warehouse, store, stall, stand or other place of business shall secure a separate license for each place of business, unless the places of business are contiguous to each other, communicate directly with an opening into each other and are operated as a unit. If the business is moved or if the licensee sells to another then a new license is necessary.

Q. Who do I call if I have questions regarding the local business registration?
A. You may call the Town of Franklin and ask for Sabrina Scruggs or the Town Planner Justin Setser. Contact numbers are Sabrina Scruggs 828-524-2516 ext. 307, or Justin Setser 828-524-2516 ext. 311

Q. What if I am a sole proprietor or operate under an assumed name?
Any sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, corporation, or LLC engaged in business in any county in the state under an assumed name other than the real name of the owner (or owners) must file an assumed name certificate or 'doing business as' (DBA) in the Register of Deeds Office in the county or counties in which it is doing business.

Before filing the assumed name certificate or DBA in Macon County, it is recommended that you perform a name search to determine if the proposed business name has already been filed.

The Register of Deeds Office cannot assist you in filling out forms, but will be happy to assist you with the name search. Visit or call 828-349-2097.

For more information about these forms and which one is appropriate for your business, please contact an attorney; get more information from the Secretary of State website, or by contacting them directly at (919) 807-2225.

Additional Information & Resources

How do I get power?
Call Duke Energy toll free at 1-800-777-9898. In addtion to Duke Energy billing options you may also pay your bill at Texaco N&N Express located at 1256 E. Main street Franklin NC 28734. Learn more at

How do I get water & sewer?
Wells and septic sytems are permitted in the Town of Franklin. To obtain city water & sewer call Franklin Town Hall 828-524-2516. You may also stop by during regular business hours at 95 East Main Street, Franklin, NC. Town Hall is open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and closed major holidays.

How do I get phone service?
Landline phone service in Franklin is provided by Frontier Communications. You may also call 1-800-921-8101. In addition to Frontier billing services you can also pay your phone will at Books Unlimited in Downtown Franklin located at 60 E. Main Street Franklin NC 28734, phone number 829-369-7947.

How do I get garbage pick-up?
The Town of Franklin does not offer residential or commercial garbage pick-up. However, this service may be obtained from J&B disposal. They are located at 207 Highlands Road. The number to call is 828-369-2727. You may also utilize the Macon County Landfill or one of their convenience center locations. To find the closest to you call 828-349-2000.

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