Employee Directory

Town of Franklin NC

Administration - All Numbers (828) 524-2516

Name Title Phone Extension Email
Amanda Owens Town Manager Ext 305 aowens@franklinnc.com
Travis Tallent Town Clerk / Human Resources Director Ext 312 ttallent@franklinnc.com
Sabrina Scruggs Admin Assistant Ext 307 sscruggs@franklinnc.com

Planning & Zoning - (828) 524-2516

Name Title Phone Extension Email
Justin Setser Town Planner / IT Ext 311 jsetser@franklinnc.com

Billing & Collections - (828) 524-2516

Name Title Phone Extension Email
Sabrina Scruggs Tax Collector Ext 307 sscruggs@franklinnc.com
Cathi Wolf Customer Service Rep   cwolf@franklinnc.com

Finance Department - All Numbers (828) 524-2516

Name Title Phone Extension Email
Sarah Bishop Finance Officer Ext 304 sbishop@franklinnc.com
Alison Stamey Accounting Technician Ext 303 astamey@franklinnc.com

Franklin Fire & Rescue - (828) 524-2516

Name Title Phone Extension Email
Franklin Fire & Rescue Direct Line 828-524-2332  
Ben Ormond Fire Chief   bormond@franklinnc.com
Tim Chavis Captain   tchavis@franklinnc.com
Gabe Mckay Captain   gmckay@franklinnc.com
Bo Garrison Captain   bgarrison@franklinnc.com
Killian Carpenter Firefighter   kcarpenter@franklinnc.com
Gregg Day Firefighter   gday@franklinnc.com
Chuck Norton Firefighter   cnorton@franklinnc.com

Franklin Police Department - (828) 524-2516

Name Title Phone / Extension Email
FPD Direct Line 828-524-2864  
Bill Harrell Chief of Police Ext 367 chiefharrell@franklinnc.com
Danny Bates Captain Ext 366 dbates@franklinnc.com
Devin Holland Captain Ext 368 dholland@franklinnc.com
Mark Foster Sergeant Detective   mfoster@franklinnc.com
Tony Ashe Patrol Sergeant   tashe@franklinnc.com
Laurie Beegle Patrol Sergeant   lbeegle@franklinnc.com
Christy Evans Patrol Sergeant   cevans@franklinnc.com
Justin Norman Patrol Sergeant / Chaplain   jnorman@franklinnc.com
Matthew Bingham Patrol Officer   mbingham@franklinnc.com
Dwayne Cabe Patrol Officer   dcabe@franklinnc.com
Trey Chastain Patrol Officer   cchastain@franklinnc.com
Randy Dula Patrol Officer   rdula@franklinnc.com
Austin Holland Patrol Officer   aholland@franklinnc.com
Garret Hovis Patrol Officer   ghovis@franklinnc.com
Elija Kirkland Patrol Officer / K9 Handler Ext 365 ekirkland@franklinnc.com
Justin Riles Patrol Officer   jriles@franklinnc.com
Diane Mahoney Admin Assistant   dmahoney@franklinnc.com
Donna Hogsed Admin Assistant Ext 370 dhogsed@franklinnc.com

Public Works - All Numbers (828) 524-2516

Name Title Phone Extension Email
Public Works Direct Line 828-369-5228  
Nathanael Moore Director / Engineer Ext 402 nmoore@franklinnc.com
Nina Dykes Admin Assistant Ext 301 ndykes@franklinnc.com
William Clark Utility Mechanic   wclark@franklinnc.com
Keith Dills Maintenance Worker   kdills@franklinnc.com
Jackie Downs Maintenance Worker   jdowns@franklinnc.com
Randy Gibbs Equipment Operator   rgibbs@franklinnc.com
Darian Greene Utility Crew Leader Ext 301 dgreene@franklinnc.com
Mark McConnell Pumps Mechanic   mmconnell@franklinnc.com
Eddie Sheffield Equipment Operator   esheffield@franklinnc.com
Chris Waldroop Streets Crew Leader   cwaldroop@franklinnc.com
James Zilbauer, Jr. Utility Crew Leader Ext 399 jzilbauer@franklinnc.com
Todd McGaha Utility Mechanic   tmcgaha@franklinnc.com
Stacey Holbrooks Utility Mechanic   sholbrooks@franklinnc.com
Cameron Peek Utility Mechanic   cpeek@franklinnc.com

Sewer Plant - (828) 524-2516

Name Title Phone Extension Email
Sewer Plant Direct Line 828-524-4492  
Bill Deal Plant Superintendent Ext 348 bdeal@franklinnc.com
Bill Allen Lab Supervisor Ext 347 ballen@franklinnc.com
Jake Slagle Plant Operator   jslagle@franklinnc.com
Jason Hopkins Plant Operator Ext 346 jhopkins@franklinnc.com

Water Treatment Plant - (828) 524-2516

Name Title Phone Extension Email
Bobby Clubb Plant Superintendent   bclubb@franklinnc.com
Blake Hawkins Plant Operator   bhawkins@franklinnc.com
Kyle Pocquette Plant Operator   kpocquette@franklinnc.com
Pedro Ruiz Plant Operator   pruiz@franklinnc.com

Facilities - (828) 524-2516

Name Title Phone Extension Email
Gregory "Scotty" Keener Property Maintenance n/a n/a
Geo Hernandez Custodian n/a n/a